[Samba] LDAP Q: What for use Containers

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Apr 20 15:12:54 GMT 2004

> well, on NDS and Netware you could give file system access rights to a 
> container and then all users in that container would inherit these rights. 
> BTW, Windows and AD also cannot do this.

This just doesn't conceptually exist in a windows domain;  but you might be 
able to use dynamic groups in OpenLDAP to fake it.  Dynamic groups are 
assembled by the DSA based on a variety of criteria, which could I suppose, 
include being the leaf of a given container.

> Basically it is a way to not use groups but assign information to objects 
> based on their position in the LDAP tree. I can imagine many more uses, 
> e.g. default servers, logon servers, share access rights, ...
> The point is, is there any use of the hierarchical structure of the LDAP 
> directory for Samba ? Or does Samba use the LDAP dir only like flat file 
> or SQL DB ?

Samba uses LDAP via a password database, so in many ways it treats them all the 
same.  But you can do alot in the DSA to streamline things.

> AFAIK there is not yet much or maybe any support for such settings, but I 
> want to discuss why not and wether others find it a useful thing to have.

I'd suggest digging into dynamic groups, overlays, etc... in very recent 
version of OpenLDAP and see if you can achieve what you want.

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