[Samba] Version 3.0.2a and Windows XP Problem

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon Apr 19 22:46:29 GMT 2004

Patrick Camenzind schrieb:
> Hello Samba Support Team,
> ...I've just updated my samba from 2.2.7a to 3.0.2a and now have one big
> problem:
> in one directory on a samba share I store over 6000 files, all in this
> single directory without subdirectories... my Explorer (WinXP SP1) only
> shows 3134 of 6062 files!!!
> when this share is mapped on a SuSE 9.0 Workstation all 6062 files are
> available but the first time this directory is listet, there are a big
> number of files with 0kb in size... when the directory is opened again
> all files are good!!!
> I played around with various parameters in smb.conf under protocol and
> tuning section... no change in behaviour! 
> I also observerd that always the same file are missing in Explorer and
> also there are always 3134 files listed and no more. The Windows XP
> "DOS-Style Command Window" also shows the same number of files. After I
> created a subdirectory with one single symbolic link file in it (using a
> SSH console on my server) the directory now has 3368 files and one
> subdirectory in Windows Explorer... strange... I also searched with
> google for this problem, but didn't find anything helpful.... ;-(
> I apreciate your help
> thnx a lot, Patrick
Hi, perhaps this Problem is relate to

The Windows XP WebClient
A number of sites have reported similar slow network browsing problems 
and found that when the WebClient service is turned off, the problem 
dissapears. This is certainly something that should be explored as it is 
a simple solution if it works.

maybe win tries to produce sights of the files , but with the high 
number it crashes....but this is just an idea

or did you simply have created so called dot files and entered a 
parameter in the smb.conf not to show them ( happend to me last week 
*grins )


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