[Samba] cannot change user password with CTRL-ALT-DEL

Frode Lillerud frode at lillerud.no
Mon Apr 19 20:26:59 GMT 2004

I have the exact same problem. I have not had time to debug the problem,
but am very interrested in resolving the problem.

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|I've been running samba (currently 2.2.3a-13 for Debian) as a PDC with
|clients for over two years. The system was up and running quite well
for a
|long time. A couple of days ago, I installed the following MS-patches:
|Now when users try to change their password from the w2k clients using
|CTRL-ALT-DEL, a popup window appears saying: "password change failed,
|domain <xxx> is not available". But the fact is that the password has
|succesfully changed (i.e. the popup should state: "password succesfully
|changed."). When users log out and login again, the login obviusly
|since users use their old passwords instead of the new ones...
|I wonder whether I am the only one who is experiencing this problem and
|whether somebody knows how to solve this problem.
|I can send the logs (nmbd.log, smbd.log and log.machinename) if
|needs them.
|Angel Chiou
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