[Samba] Premission

Manfred Hungerland csb_computer at bluewin.ch
Mon Apr 19 16:23:05 GMT 2004

On 19 Apr 2004 at 16:52, Alexander Gretencord wrote:

Hello again 

now i have found a solution

In the SWAT menu there is a option in the Advanced View
called admin users. There you can set the user.

thaks alex for your time and the Advice for the archives and there was
a similar problem.
( i was looking before with google and found nothing )  ;-)


> > the problem is: i can access all files in the userdirectory, but i canot
> > access a subdirectory in the userdierecory.
> What we might need to help you out:
> a) The permissions on the directories in contrast to the files
> b) any options in your smb.conf that have something to do with permission 
> handling like the force* settings.
> Alex
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