[Samba] samba3-ldap and "unix password sync"

cosmih at cosmih.com cosmih at cosmih.com
Mon Apr 19 13:31:26 GMT 2004

    in the beginning i want to say you that i have a
working samba-ldap PDC (samba 3.0.2a, openldap 2.1.27,
redhat linux 9, why redhat ? because slackware don't
use pam and i didn't find a way to make samba-ldap work
without pam).
    i want to make a synchronization between user
password from samba (this is mail password, too. i use
qmail-ldap) and user password from a database server
(user is the same). i work at this by a week. for this
i make a script with perl and when i change samba(mail,
too) password i want to execute this script and change
password in database.
     if i don't want this synchronization all this
works great. 
    i was thinking that if i use attributes "unix
password change", "passwd program" and "passwd chat" i
can do this thing. but when the attributes "unix
password sync" is activated and trie  changing samba
password from windows (98/2K/XP) didn't work, i receive
this messaje "You do not have permission to change your
    in my test i use even a verry common script
(create some file, and write user+password) and i was
drawing a conclusion: dosn't matter what scrip i use,
"unix password sync attribute is my problem" :))
    don't want to make and use some cgi(perl) script
and change passwords from a web interface. don't want
that my users be confused when use more that one
methods to change their password.


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