[Samba] Re: secret.tdb copied from server to server

Andreas Dahl andread at linpro.no
Mon Apr 19 16:15:48 GMT 2004

Tim <timrussell at rocketmail.com> writes:
> Right now, we have one server with one netbios name advertised
> (printserver1) and the other with a netbios name of
> printserver2. Both have been joined to our windows NT 4.0 domain.
> We have an interface that fails back and forth between the two boxes and we 
> have the DNS name for this interfaces IP set to printserver1. Everthing is 
> working now, but I'm wondering about making a change.
> Can I (or should I :) , copy the secret.tdb file from printserver1
> to printserver2 as well as change the netbiosname being advertised
> on printserver2 to printserver1.

I've tested this in a similar environment, and my experience is this:

- If you use different netbios names, you must use 2 different secret.tdb
  files (or re-join the server to the domain after each fail-over)

- If you use the same netbios name, you can (must?) use the same
  secret.tdb file on both physical nodes.

- Remember to use "bind interfaces only = yes" when you bind to a
  virtual interface.

I'm not sure if you may experience some kind of "timeout" if you use 
different secret.tdb, and the service doesn't fail over for a long time.

I don't think there has to be a relationship between the DNS name of the
virtual interface and the netbios name.


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