[Samba] secret.tdb copied from server to server

Tim timrussell at rocketmail.com
Mon Apr 12 15:26:59 GMT 2004

Hello there,

We have Samba 3.0.2a installed on two solaris 8 servers in a failover cluster 
(using Veritas Cluster Server). We're using it for windows and unix print 

Right now, we have one server with one netbios name advertised (printserver1) 
and the other with a netbios name of printserver2. Both have been joined to our 
windows NT 4.0 domain.

We have an interface that fails back and forth between the two boxes and we 
have the DNS name for this interfaces IP set to printserver1. Everthing is 
working now, but I'm wondering about making a change.

Can I (or should I :) , copy the secret.tdb file from printserver1 to 
printserver2 as well as change the netbiosname being advertised on printserver2 
to printserver1.

Just don't know if this would cause problems or not.


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