[Samba] Couldnot open MS power point from Samba share

Choudhary, Nitin nitin_choudhary at maxtor.com
Mon Apr 19 03:00:07 GMT 2004

I have setup the Linux Cluster for Samba service. I also configured this for
Active Directory aunthetication. I am able to join the Realm . Now I need to
access the share from Win2003 server but it keeps asking for login name and
password. Any idea for the reason. Do I need to try this from other client
,not from server.


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Sent: Sun 4/18/2004 7:39 PM
To: samba at lists.samba.org
Subject: [Samba] Couldnot open MS power point from Samba share

Hi all, 
i am running the samba 2.2.3a on RH7 as PDC for 40 windows 98 clients 
i have the problem opening MS Powerpoint 97 from samba share. the ms ppt 
always shows: 
<file name> is not correct 
where the file name is mangled. 
i tried to disable mangled name in samba, but the problem still happens 

(mangled name=no in smb.conf) 

thank you for advice. 

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