[Samba] setting up a file server in AD 2000 domain

Sahibzada Junaid Noor sjunaidn at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 18 19:13:12 GMT 2004

     we have a windows 2000 AD domain with a windows 2000 file server.
i wan to replace the file server with a samba file server.
at the same time i want that i shouldnt create new users on samba. rather i should force samba to consult AD domain controller to check for a user's authentication and authorization. e.g.
Tom is a user defined in domain controller. tom wants to access his home directory on the samba file server. when he clicks on the file server he is prompted for a password logon pair.
the samba server accepts that pair and sends it to the domain controller to check whether tom can access the file server or not.
depending upon the result Tom can then access or not access the server. also he may access his own directory but not other users home directory.
this is what i want to do. plz guide me where to start from. 

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