[Samba] Minimum ldap config

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Sat Apr 17 19:15:36 GMT 2004

moof48 at temple.edu schrieb:
> I currently have samba3 authenticating off of my ldap server 
> but now I want to just do the minimum.  We currently have an 
> ldap farm that is the backbone of almost everything at our 
> university but we want to allow authentication in the labs.  
> What are the minimum samba & posix attributes that I can get 
> away with.  All I want is to allow authentication into a lab 
> worksation, some printing, and a temp space.  I dont need to 
> do anything else at this time.  Thanks in advance.

Minninum and maximum is the same. All attributes are required. Further 
you need some of Posix-Account.

Once LDAP, you have to put all in LDAP:
Users, Groups, Machines and Domains.

Samba 2.x and Samba 3.x have different attributes. Here you find both:


Please read the PDC-HowTo in the doc-section of the Samba-package.


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