[Samba] File Sharing(Write Accress) Across WANS

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Fri Apr 16 10:34:35 GMT 2004

Ow Mun Heng schrieb:

> Hi Guys,
> 	I would like to implement File Sharing in a WAN environment, however
> there are
> some issues which I can't figure out.
> 1. Users are distributed across 3 countries. 
>    (Server is physically located in CountryA)
> 2. Logins are different across all 3 countries. 
>    a) They are logging into different domains. 
> 	eg: DomA; DomB; DomC etc
> 3. My File Share is running Samba 2.2.7
> 4. Local UserA(CountryA/DomA) accessing the Samba Share
>    has Write/Read Access using a username/password
>    combo(same as their Local Windows domain user/pass) 
>    which is entered into the local Linux system (both in 
>    /etc/passwd and smbpasswd file)
> 5. When UserA goes to CountryB, they login as UserA/DomA
>    however, going to the share folder of the samba server,
>    they are not granted Write Access. Only Read. Why is that?
> 6. 2nd Item. I would also like to permit UserB/DomB(From CountryB)
>    to have read/write access to files in the server. I think
>    if Item 5 above can be solved, item 6 would be no problem.
> Appreciate if there are some inputs in this. Otherwise, the Boss
> will want to migrate the Linux server to a Windows based one.
> Now, we certainly don't want that to happen right???
Hi, this is no problem, but if you wanna use samba, you have to build a 
tunnel through the web, then you have to decide if you want every
country having his own smb domain so you have to build
this and afterwards make trusts each other,
or if you want to have only one domain you should setup one master smb 
ldap and setup smb bdcs in the other locations.
I have this setup running fine, but it depends to your needs if samba is 
the right thing for you , there are ather methods sharing files over the 
web such like https webdav , or sftp etc
after all you should upgrade to the latest samba version

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