[Samba] How do I add accounts when using ldap authentication?

Jérôme Tournier jerome.tournier at idealx.com
Fri Apr 16 09:51:34 GMT 2004

Le Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 06:14:41PM -0700, K. Richard Pixley a ecrit:
> ldap user suffix = ou=People,dc=isw1,dc=symbol,dc=com
> ldap group suffix = ou=Groups,dc=isw1,dc=symbol,dc=com
> ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers,dc=isw1,dc=symbol,dc=com
> ldap suffix = dc=isw1,dc=symbol,dc=com
> ldap filter = (&(uid=%u)(objectclass=sambaSamAccount))
> ldap passwd sync = yes
> Anyone see an obvious flaw in what I'm doing?  Or can anyone point me
> toward clarifying doc?  (most of this comes from the howto).
"ldap user suffix", "ldap group suffix" and "ldap machine suffix" must not
have the suffix extension. And i think it is recommanded to comment the
"ldap filter" directive. You must then have:

 ldap suffix = dc=isw1,dc=symbol,dc=com
 ldap user suffix = ou=People
 ldap group suffix = ou=Groups
 ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers
 # ldap filter = (&(uid=%u)(objectclass=sambaSamAccount))

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