[Samba] samba with sun's ldap

ww m-pubsyssamba pubsyssamba at bbc.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 14:27:43 GMT 2004

>> Yes I have this working in a test environment, although please be clear that you must use
openldap libldap for Samba to talk to your LDAP server, your LDAP server can be any LDAP v3
compatible server in theory and does definately work with Sun Directory Server 5.x, simply
load the samba schema included with the Samba 3.x source code in your Sun LDAP config/schema
directory then follow the Samba how to instructions. I had no significant problems except where
the syntax of my smb.conf was wrong (for example do not put quotes around LDAP DN's etc.)

cheers Andy<<

Dear aarumuga

I've been reading your questions in Samba mailing list about SMB & Sun LDAP. I'm working with a same project and I would like to know only if is it posible or have you achieved your goal to link samba and Sun LDAP?

Thanks in advance and excuse me for my english.

Best regards, 

Ramon Aznar

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