[Samba] XP Client cannot join Samba3 PDC

gpalmer at lganet.com gpalmer at lganet.com
Wed Apr 14 20:19:51 GMT 2004

Should have included this information
Smbpassword already includes a root user with uid  of 0.
Tried to join domain as XNET\root with root/samba root password ( unix and
smb passwords are the same).
Successfully joined domain using credentials from a different samba3 box.

Thanks for you quick reply

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	> CANNOT join domain from XP
	> XP client reports: Access is denied
	> (logged in on XP as Administrator)
	> Samba reports (level 10 logging): _samr_open_domain: ACCESS DENIED

	> Both root and nobody appear to authenticate
	> Logs indicate insufficient privilege to continue 

	Only root (User-ID 0) can add machines to a domain. Root must also 
	exists in your Samba-userlist.


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