[Samba] Samba & Outlook Express

Steven Kurylo skurylo at cleartech.ca
Wed Apr 14 16:04:12 GMT 2004

>>> If you are just looking for another mail Client, try out Mozilla 
>>> Thunderbird, you can define the profile path. I have never tested 
>>> storing it on a samba share though, as IMAP is the definite answer.
> Why don't you use an other mailclient?
> I guess Mozilla Thunderbird stores all Data in "Application Data". 
> This folder will be stored on the server.

We have 10 users using Mozilla 1.5 with windows XP.  Their mozilla 
profiles are stored on a network drive, without problems.  When you 
create the profile you can choose its location.  This avoids their 
profile (and hence messages) being copied back and forth with their 
roaming profile.  Outlook Express cannot do this.

Steven Kurylo

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