[Samba] Samba & Outlook Express

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Wed Apr 14 12:40:47 GMT 2004

Ninja schrieb:

> I will go to explain my situation: I have to set up a little net (max 15
> clients, with Windows and Linux OS) for a school; they need that in every
> host of the net if they log in as "FOO" they can use "FOO"'s preferences,
> and maybe have some restriction for "student user". In particular for a
> "teacher" they want to be able to read their emails and get access to them
> in every computer they log in... To make this plain I have use samba as a
> PDC with roaming profiles, and I use poledit to create different policy
> files for every groups (I'm still working on it).
> Because the "teachers" would be little in number and because only a
> "teacher" would have an email account (with a free provider,probably
> different), I think that set up an Imap server is not a good solution (also
> because a teacher maybe would read the email at home)... I think I will use
> the default setup of Outlook that save a file in the user directory, that is
> then stored in the server, and setup Outlook to leave on the server the
> emails....
> What do you think??
> Thanks to everyone is helping me!!
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>>On Tuesday 13 April 2004 18:46, Ninja wrote:
>>>I'm agree with you, but not always you can use an Imap 
>>server, an usually
>>>who gives you an e-mail account for free gives only an Pop3 
>>Yes indeed that is mostly true. But why do you use those anyway? As I 
>>understood you, you are trying to set up a PDC with samba (or 
>>even already 
>>have one) so I assume this is for a company. This company can 
>>surely either
>>a) afford a service Provider which offers IMAP
>>b) afford to run its own mailserver
>>c) run its own IMAP Server off the samba PDC
>>In case c) your server must of course fetch all the mail from 
>>the freemail 
>>provider. I do that for my own freemail accounts at home with 
>>fetchmail. It 
>>was born out of the need to read mail in Windows and Linux 
>>while I was still 
>>dual booting so yes this is so easy to setup, I did it as a 
>>linux newbie :)
>>As I don't know anything about your organisation I don't know 
>>how feasible 
>>that is for you or how much work it would be to set up fetchmails 
>>configuration in a changing environment but hey this is linux 
>>and we got 
>>scripting languages :)
>>If you are just looking for another mail Client, try out 
>>Mozilla Thunderbird, 
>>you can define the profile path. I have never tested storing 
>>it on a samba 
>>share though, as IMAP is the definite answer.

Why don't you use an other mailclient?
I guess Mozilla Thunderbird stores all Data in "Application Data". This 
folder will be stored on the server.


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