[Samba] lmhosts issue with loopback address

rushfan rushfan at clarent.com
Wed Apr 14 15:46:42 GMT 2004


I'm trying to connect to a share on a linux box from a win98 (or win2k) machine through an SSH tunnel.

The documentation found on the subject says to setup an entry in LMHOSTS file in the form of:          sambaserver         #pre

checking the status of the cache with NBTSTAT -c after doing a NBTSTAT -R does not show the entry for "sambaserver"

If I put any other IP address instead of the loopback address (or the interface's own IP address), the entry shows up in the cache.

When trying to connect to the remote share, the command fails with "error 53 network name not found".

With a sniffer, I can see my win98 machine doing several name resolution requests (one to the DNS and a few to the broadcast address) which tells me that the lmhosts file is not looked into.

any ideas?


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