[Samba] tdbsam how to?

Eddie Lania eddie at lania.nl
Wed Apr 14 13:21:01 GMT 2004


Everything seems hopeless......

At this moment, I still run Samba 3.0-alpha21 with ldapsam backend.
In the past I have been following the development of Samba closely.
I have been working on migrating my samba 3.0-alpha21 to Samba 3.0.2a.
It just doesn't work, I tried to follow the explanations about the new
samba.schema and other related stuff but I think there have become to much
bits and pieces of how it all fits together and I lost complete track of it.
Desperate as I am, I thought of giving it a try using the plain, simple
"tdbsam" backend.
But it doesn't work either.
So, here I am now with nothing working so far except my good old Samba

Can somebody please give me a detailed description how to setup a samba PDC
using tdbsam?
And please don't tell me to take a look at the several docs that I can find
a million places, I just want a clear, straightforward description from A to
Z please.

Can't be that hard since you all got it working, right?

My thanks in advance.


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