[Samba] Samba & Outlook Express

Marcus White 1midniterider at comcast.net
Tue Apr 13 23:48:12 GMT 2004

If you are using roaming profiles the OE mailbox files will follow the
user no matter which workstation that they login on. The drawback is
that those files can get rather large depending on email and their
associated attachments, which will mean longer load and save times. This
is also true if you were to setup an IMAP server, unless you setup OE to
only sync the headers and not the full message. The single most
important advantage with an IMAP server is that messages are managed on
the server. So if the OE mailbox(es) becomes corrupt deleting the local
file and re-syncing will restore the messages locally to the user.


Marcus O.

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 16:58, Ninja wrote:
> I will go to explain my situation: I have to set up a little net (max 15
> clients, with Windows and Linux OS) for a school; they need that in every
> host of the net if they log in as "FOO" they can use "FOO"'s preferences,
> and maybe have some restriction for "student user". In particular for a
> "teacher" they want to be able to read their emails and get access to them
> in every computer they log in... To make this plain I have use samba as a
> PDC with roaming profiles, and I use poledit to create different policy
> files for every groups (I'm still working on it).
> Because the "teachers" would be little in number and because only a
> "teacher" would have an email account (with a free provider,probably
> different), I think that set up an Imap server is not a good solution (also
> because a teacher maybe would read the email at home)... I think I will use
> the default setup of Outlook that save a file in the user directory, that is
> then stored in the server, and setup Outlook to leave on the server the
> emails....
> What do you think??
> Thanks to everyone is helping me!!
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> > On Tuesday 13 April 2004 18:46, Ninja wrote:
> > > I'm agree with you, but not always you can use an Imap 
> > server, an usually
> > > who gives you an e-mail account for free gives only an Pop3 
> > server...
> > 
> > Yes indeed that is mostly true. But why do you use those anyway? As I 
> > understood you, you are trying to set up a PDC with samba (or 
> > even already 
> > have one) so I assume this is for a company. This company can 
> > surely either
> > 
> > a) afford a service Provider which offers IMAP
> > b) afford to run its own mailserver
> > c) run its own IMAP Server off the samba PDC
> > 
> > In case c) your server must of course fetch all the mail from 
> > the freemail 
> > provider. I do that for my own freemail accounts at home with 
> > fetchmail. It 
> > was born out of the need to read mail in Windows and Linux 
> > while I was still 
> > dual booting so yes this is so easy to setup, I did it as a 
> > linux newbie :)
> > 
> > As I don't know anything about your organisation I don't know 
> > how feasible 
> > that is for you or how much work it would be to set up fetchmails 
> > configuration in a changing environment but hey this is linux 
> > and we got 
> > scripting languages :)
> > 
> > If you are just looking for another mail Client, try out 
> > Mozilla Thunderbird, 
> > you can define the profile path. I have never tested storing 
> > it on a samba 
> > share though, as IMAP is the definite answer.
> > 
> > 
> > Alex
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