[Samba] not force-user'ing while printing?

Kristian Rink krink at pm-planc.de
Tue Apr 13 07:55:59 GMT 2004

Hello all,...

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004 16:09:07 +0200
Kristian Rink <krink at pm-planc.de> wrote:
> Problem: I set up one user to fax through capisuite, and I
> actually intended to set up a printer in samba, doing something,
> like
> [printers]
> 	...
> 	force user = printfax
> 	force group = printfax
> 	...
> to assign all print jobs to the fax user. For short: This is not
> working; testparm doesn't complain but yet the "force ..."
> directives are simply ignored, print jobs always started using the
> user account that was starting the job at the workstation.

Sorry for bothering you guys again, but I am still messing around
with this problem; after I didn't in any way manage to get Samba
accepting my "force..." settings I am thinking about other means of
getting the job done, anyhow I wanted to check here again before
probably wasting a lot of time creating a workaround which might not
be necessary. So, in case someone knows about this problem, I'd be
thankful for any inspiration, and even a "force-doesn't-work-there"
would be _very_ appreciated. 

Thanks and bye,

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