[Samba] not force-user'ing while printing?

Kristian Rink krink at pm-planc.de
Tue Apr 6 14:09:07 GMT 2004

Hi all,...

...currently I am trying to get the following setup up and working

* capisuite (www.capisuite.de) works as an isdn/capi-based fax
  solution for the LAN.

* cups is used as printer spooler, there is some "glue" package to
  access capisuite through cups, thus generating a "print-to-fax"

* since the clients in the LAN still are all Windows NT 4, samba is
  supposed to provide print services to everyone around.

Problem: I set up one user to fax through capisuite, and I actually
intended to set up a printer in samba, doing something, like

	force user = printfax
	force group = printfax

to assign all print jobs to the fax user. For short: This is not
working; testparm doesn't complain but yet the "force ..."
directives are simply ignored, print jobs always started using the
user account that was starting the job at the workstation.

storage:/usr/src# dpkg -l|grep samba
ii  samba          3.0.2a-1       a LanManager-like file and printer
ii  samba-common   3.0.2a-1       Samba common files used..
ii  samba-doc      3.0.2a-1       Samba documentation

Can anyone point me where to go / peek / read to get this problem

TIA, have a fine afternoon everyone.

Kristian Rink 	-- Programmierung/Systembetreuung
planConnect GmbH * Strehlener Str. 12 - 14 * 01069 Dresden
0176 24472771 * krink at pm-planc.de

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