[Samba] NUA + MYSQL?

Joel Holder jholder at networklogistic.com
Tue Apr 13 02:04:22 GMT 2004

Hello all.  I just joined the list, because I am interested in NUA
features of Samba3.  I got the MySQL passdb backend working, but it
still requires a Unix System account.  I need to use fully virtualized
user accounts.

Re: the release of Samba3 and NUA capabilities I have found this:


In the development of Samba-3, a number of requests were received to
provide the ability to migrate MS Windows NT4 SAM accounts to Samba-3
without the need to provide matching UNIX/Linux accounts. We called this
the Non-UNIX Accounts (NUA) capability. The intent was that an
administrator could decide to use the tdbsam backend and by simply
specifying passdb backend = tdbsam_nua, this would allow Samba-3 to
implement a solution that did not use UNIX accounts per se. Late in the
development cycle, the team doing this work hit upon some obstacles that
prevents this solution from being used. Given the delays with the
Samba-3 release, a decision was made to not deliver this functionality
until a better method of recognizing NT Group SIDs from NT User SIDs
could be found. This feature may return during the life cycle for the
Samba-3 series.


Can anyone tell me what sort of progress has been made in the NUA areas?
Specifically I want something like "passdb backend = mysql_nua".  Does
anyone know if something like this is in the works or is currently in



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