[Samba] pam_stack.so for suse 9.0

Norman Crump ncrump at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 13 00:27:46 GMT 2004

I'm using suse 9.0 with samba3.xxx. I have joined the samba server to the nt domin using winbind and net join. Everything seems to be working great. I can pull domain+users as well as groups plus auto creat home directories. But every time I try to logon to the linux end it acts like it's going to work and then I get a message "<domian+user> account disabled". In the Samba by Example book that I have they use a pam module pam_stack.so that I can't find for suse and it isn't included with the install. Is there anyone that can comment on this. 

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