[Samba] [OS X] OD authentication issue?

Andrew Cunningham andrewc at mac.com
Mon Apr 12 23:07:01 GMT 2004

I am seeing very slow log-on's from our Windows clients to OS X 10.3.3 
Server ( 30 seconds)- except for the 'admin' user.

I have a suspicion....
The smb.conf file has
         auth methods = guest opendirectory

In the OS X log I see

  Apr 12 13:24:37 xserveg5 PasswordService: client response doesn't 
match what we generated
  Apr 12 13:25:01 xserveg5 last message repeated 17 times
  Apr 12 13:27:02 xserveg5 last message repeated 60 times
  Apr 12 13:37:11 xserveg5 last message repeated 300 times
  Apr 12 13:39:11 xserveg5 last message repeated 60 times

In  my samba  log I see stuff like

value(;ApplePasswordServer;0x4063a7602411818a0000000400000004,1024 35 
  root at xserveg5.xxx.com:

Now the interesting thing is that I changed the IP of the machine 
during the time I was setting up the server. The IP is now 
NOT ( DNS and RDNS are correct)
Perhaps this has messed up things.
Do SAMBA and OD exchange keys to authenticate 'things'. Do SAMBA and OD 
now disagree on keys after the IP was changed?? How do I get the two to 

This is really aggravating our Windows user base.


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