[Samba] Initial samba + ldap howto

Wim Bakker koreander at planet.nl
Mon Apr 12 17:30:23 GMT 2004

On Monday 12 April 2004 18:33, you wrote:
> Wim,
> Thanks for this information . Later this week, I'm scheduled to attempt
> installation of SAMBA+LDAP using the by Example book. I'll let you know
> how it goes. They by Example books seems better than the How-To in terms
> of practical information needed to get a server up and running. Only
> problem with the by Example book is that it's a bit long. In addition,
> it does the same thing every other Linux book does, that is it goes into
> detail about too many approaches to doing things.

The By Example book is most likely much better information to get samba + ldap
running , only I couldn't get my hands on it in the short term. i suppose 
books have to be verbose about all kinds of different posibilities but than 
forget to be detailed enough for a specific setup , which leaves you with 
still not enough information to get the job done.

> example I don't care about Fedora vs SUSE vs Debian, I am going with
> Fedora at this time because I wanted ACLs found in Kernel 2.6. I don't
> care about Courier vs Dovecot. I do care about LDAP because this is the
> holy grail of system administration, with LDAP, you can have a central
> addressbook / accout store etc just like NWAdmin or Domain manager.

I found the acl support in 2.6 series not completely compatible . I still
have to look into it deeper, but I had problems with the desired behaviour
of acl support under 2.6.x. For now I stick with 2.4.x because I allso need
ipsec on the same box , and ipsec on 2.6.x is quite different from 2.4.x.
And 2.6.4 and higher had a funny way of dealing with , at least, intel e1000
drivers, maybe other drivers too.

Good luck


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