[Samba] Re: Samba + Domino LDAP

Jérôme Fenal jerome.fenal at logicacmg.com
Sun Apr 11 15:33:29 GMT 2004

kabeldesigner wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to use the Domino LDAP to authenticate Samba users over it.
> Did anyone knows, if Samba and Domino LDAP works with together???
> If yes, where can I find something about it respectively anyone can tell 
> me how it works?!

I don't know Domino very well, but here are what I could see at a 
customer site.

dominoPerson is the Notes/Domino specific objectClass, derived from 
either Person or inetOrgPerson, and thus using some fields with 
semantics slightly differing from the one in posixAccount and 
sambaSamAccount. Moreover, you will have things standing out of the 
other (Domino vs. Posix/Samba), for example password changes, when done 
from Notes or from NT.

So you can extend Notes schema to include Posix and Samba fields. But I 
would not recommend it. Neither that I would recommend having an 
authenticating account database relying on Domino/Notes.

What I did at customer site is having Perl scripts to check accounts in 
both directories (Domino and OpenLDAP or any other LDAP), and mail 
account in one and not in the other, etc. You also may want to 
automatically create new accounts in OpenLDAP from Notes information, 
without password set (account created but disabled) or (not rec'd) with 
default passwords.



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