[Samba] Primary Group == Windows-Group?

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Fri Apr 9 19:07:25 GMT 2004

Matthias Spork schrieb:

> Paul Gienger schrieb:
>> Matthias Spork wrote:
>>> 2.
>>> Why is there no group named 'Power Users' in Samba? (Actually there 
>>> is only 'Domain Users' with insufficiant permissions on a win-box)
>> The groups that samba enumerates correlate to the user groups that are 
>> in a Windows Domain.  There is no Domain\Power Users group, that group 
>> only exists on each individual machine.
> O.K. But how can I get the function of the 'Power Users'-Group?
> Actually, I add the Group 'Domain Users' to 'Power Users' on each Client.
> Is this the only way?
> Can I use the RID 547 (Builtin Power Users) for this?

Manual adding seems to be the only way. I've read this in the manual:


Adding Domain Users to the Power Users Group

“ What must I do to add Domain Users to the Power Users group? ”

The Power Users group is a group that is local to each Windows 200x/XP 
Professional workstation. You cannot add the Domain Users group to the 
Power Users group automatically, it must be done on each workstation by 
logging in as the local workstation administrator and then using the 
following procedure:

  1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Users and Passwords.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. Click the Advanced button.
4. Click Groups.
5. Double click Power Users. This will launch the panel to add users or 
groups to the local machine Power Uses group.
6. Click the Add button.
7. Select the domain from which the Domain Users group is to be added.
8. Double click the Domain Users group.
9. Click the Ok button. If a logon box is presented during this process 
please remember to enter the connect as DOMAIN\UserName. i.e., For the 
domain MIDEARTH and the user root enter MIDEARTH\root.


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