[Samba] Primary Group == Windows-Group?

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Fri Apr 9 19:03:04 GMT 2004

Paul Gienger schrieb:

> Matthias Spork wrote:
>> 2.
>> Why is there no group named 'Power Users' in Samba? (Actually there is 
>> only 'Domain Users' with insufficiant permissions on a win-box)
> The groups that samba enumerates correlate to the user groups that are 
> in a Windows Domain.  There is no Domain\Power Users group, that group 
> only exists on each individual machine.

O.K. But how can I get the function of the 'Power Users'-Group?
Actually, I add the Group 'Domain Users' to 'Power Users' on each Client.
Is this the only way?
Can I use the RID 547 (Builtin Power Users) for this?


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