[Samba] Accent with winbind and pam_mkhomedir

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Apr 8 16:03:55 GMT 2004

On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 11:59:09AM +0200, Benjamin CLEYET-MARREL wrote:
> Hello
> I am using Winbind to authenticate user against an NT Domain. client are 
> mainly using Win98
> I use pam_mkhomedir to auto create home directory of my users.
> everything work fine. even the accents in the shared directory
> but when i try to logon for the first time with an accented  username  
> it create a home directory with strange characters
> invitÙ seen from win98 and invi_ seen from linux.
> it seems that the code page and de character set parameter is not passed 
> to winbind or does not affect
> the username dialog. or the pam_mkhomedir...
> i am a bit lost there help needed

The code that sets home directories (by placing them into 'getpwnam
responses') in winbindd strips out 'werid' characters, and replaces
them with an _.  I'm not sure if this correct behaviour, but when I
looked at changing it, it was more difficult than I had hoped.  (This
change could also break some notion of 'backward compatability').

pam_mkhomedir whould be trying to create the directory reported by
winbindd, and so *should* just create it with the _ and everything
should be fine.  That much is either a pam_mkhomedir bug, or a

However, if you had a username that was all 'werid' characters (like
in Japan), then a homedir of /home/DOM/_____ is not very useful.  So
please file a bug on this broken winbind behaviour, so we can look at
how to fix it.

Andrew Bartlett

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