[Samba] Accent with winbind and pam_mkhomedir

Benjamin CLEYET-MARREL benjamin.cleyet-marrel at openwide.fr
Thu Apr 8 09:59:09 GMT 2004


I am using Winbind to authenticate user against an NT Domain. client are 
mainly using Win98
I use pam_mkhomedir to auto create home directory of my users.
everything work fine. even the accents in the shared directory

but when i try to logon for the first time with an accented  username  
it create a home directory with strange characters
invitÙ seen from win98 and invi_ seen from linux.

it seems that the code page and de character set parameter is not passed 
to winbind or does not affect
the username dialog. or the pam_mkhomedir...
i am a bit lost there help needed

do i miss something

thanks for your help

Open Wide

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