[Samba] printing dead

Simon Leung skmleung at hkucc.hku.hk
Thu Apr 8 02:13:31 GMT 2004

Dear All,
I am running Samba3.0.2a Domain. For some unknown reason, the printing ( 3
laserjets running) were mal-function and no-one included the admin account
couldn't send out the print job. While I went through the log, I have found
the following:
(FYI: I am running lprng for the printing)
Apr  7 23:00:15 samba3 smbd[12330]: [2004/04/07 23:00:15, 0]
Apr  7 23:00:15 samba3 smbd[12330]:
tdb(/usr/local/samba/var/locks/printing/my-printer.tdb): tdb_oob len
16909640 beyond eof at 40960
Then I renamed those problem .tdb files and restart samba daemon, they back
to work. BUT.......but they died again when I came back to office this
I have double checked that I can print directly through the Redhat desktop
but no luck through the samba. Also, I've checked the smb.conf and no
modification since last week. 
So where should I lookup on my system to troubleshoot this?
Many THX 

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