[Samba] Weekend Suggestions (Plus Complimentary Video) from ThisIsHowYouDoIt.com

richard at thisishowyoudoit.com richard at thisishowyoudoit.com
Thu Apr 8 00:23:46 GMT 2004

Hello, we'd like to provide you with a complimentary video entitled "Transfer Video From Your Camcorder to Your PC" to introduce you to our website.  Visit us here (http://www.thisishowyoudoit.com/compvideo.asp) to begin the viewing process.

ThisIsHowYouDoIt.com is a site that provides streaming "how-to" videos over the Internet.  These videos are provided to us by you, our viewing audience.  Each time someone views a video that you have submitted, you receive half of the proceeds.
No more endless searching for text-based descriptions...our site is about seeing how-to do things.

We hope you join us.


Richard Cummings, Curator

This email is brought to you by ThisIsHowYouDoIt.com, a media services company specializing in "How-To" videos made for (and by) our customers.  Our physical address is 643 Mason Street, Suite #9, San Francisco, CA 94108.   If you would like to let others know about our site, please email share at thisishowyoudoit.com with their contact information.  We thought you might enjoy this introductory video, but if not, we apologize for the inconvenience  and encourage you to please email rm at thisishowyoudoit.com to prevent any future contact.  Thank You.

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