[Samba] Re: specified network name no more available

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Apr 7 15:27:17 GMT 2004

I was stung by this bug yesterday myself and although
there are numerous references to this error message
I haven't seen any qualified resolution of the problem.
Not that the following rant hopes to be such, but it's
a good story.

My setup is a stable 2.2.8a production domain and an
experimental 3.0.2a-SuSE domain. The passwd backend is 
still smbpasswd. I wish there were a better openLDAP
primer for Sambatistas but in view of the relative
stability of the users landscape a simple copy from
time to time was replication enough to keep things
working smoothly even though not spectacularly pretty,
until I added a Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition
as a member client in the 2.2.8a domain. Since then
no operation requiring any writing, attribute setting
or directory modifications in the 3.0.2a domain could 
be executed. Usually a long stall would precede the 
famous last words "...no more available".

I still don't know exactly why it turned out that way 
but after removing (actually completely obliterating 
the said W2K3 for good measure) I deleted all those 
volatile TDB's on both servers and got a new lease
on life after a reboot. Luckily I joined the W2K3 to 
the domain after-hours so nobody even noticed there 
was any problem.

So why am I telling you this? Because I think someone
from the Samba team should shed some light on the
topic and explain under what circumstances this
pathological behavious can be expected. I did quite
a bit of debugging with Samba's log levels, ethereal
and filemon.exe but hard as I tried to make any
sense of the data there was never any indication that
anything was our of ordinary. Samba maintains that
everything is hunky-dorey, no problems there. Ethereal
captures inconspicuous chatter on the wire but my W2K WS
reaches for the tell-tale "chord.wav" accompaniment as 
soon as a close on the newly created file/dir terminates
successfully. Sounds like Windoze clients get utterly
confused when they just see a W2K3 idly standing by, not
running the show. But this is just a wild guess.

Can anyone tell us what is really going on?


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