[Samba] Unable to delete folders in samba shares

mlist at linux-house.net mlist at linux-house.net
Wed Apr 7 09:46:18 GMT 2004

one more thing.... i removed the force directory mode commands etc,etc from 
the global section and placed them individually in shares section but still 
no change.

i am wondering whether its due to the way i am viewing /mounting the shares 
from the samba server...

my mandrake9.2/kde3.2 box has smb4k running. i use it to mount the relevant 
shares. then in konqueror i do whatever operations i want such as

 delete files
rename files
rename folders

only deleting folders is not allowed....

> forgot that u are running samba version 2. I made the conf for 3.0.2a.
> What you discribed now is mybe solved by:
>         force create mode = 0777
>         force directory mode = 0777
> Regards

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