[Samba] account for "print command"

Kristian Rink krink at pm-planc.de
Wed Apr 7 07:30:57 GMT 2004

Hi all,...

...after not having seen anything on that topic in both
documentation or in google: Currently, I am using samba with
authentication against a Windows NT 4 - PDC to serve files. _Is_
there a way, having a section like

	printable = Yes
	print command = ...

set up somewhere in smb.conf, to explicitely force "print command"
being executed each and every time using a certain Unix user account
no matter which user actually started the print job on the
workstation? Is there something I am not yet seeing? In the samba
doc, I read that "guest ok" is the way to get the "print command"
done using permissions of the guest account defined in smb.conf but
this also doesn't work in my setup. :/

Hints, anyone? 
TIA and bye,

Kristian Rink 	-- Programmierung/Systembetreuung
planConnect GmbH * Strehlener Str. 12 - 14 * 01069 Dresden
0176 24472771 * krink at pm-planc.de

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