[Samba] Creating Shares from Windows Management Console

John Petro jxpsys at rit.edu
Mon Apr 5 20:02:13 GMT 2004


  I have what I hope is a small problem....  Here at RIT, we are testing
using Samba 3.x hooked into windows AD for filesharing between Windows
and Apple fileshares.  The way we are set up is in a OU structure where
there is really no one domain admin.  We are split up into multiple OU's
and each OU has an administrator.  What we are trying to do is to get
what I call an "Administrative share" that I assign to the OU
administrators.  Once I give that to them, I would like to be able to
let them loose on creating shares for their respective departments.  One
thing I noticed that I was wondering if there was a way around was the
administrative users field in the smb.conf file.  Is there a way to give
someone the privs to create a share in samba without being listed in the
admin users field.    When I tried this with a user who wasn't listed,
we got a "Access Denied" but as soon as I put the username in the field,
it was fine.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated...




John Petro
Rochester Institute of Technology
System Programmer - 
Technical Support Services/ITS
jxpsys at rit.edu


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