[Samba] Moving to a New Domain

Klinger, John (N-CSC) john.klinger at lmco.com
Fri Apr 2 15:56:02 GMT 2004

Can someone point me to information on how Samba handles SID History when using security=ads and changing domains? I've done some prototyping in transferring the idmaps from old to new SIDs when using an ldap backend, but would like to see a "recommended practice" if one exists. I'm especially interested in if and how ACLs on a global share would transfer with the domain change.

BTW: If the LDAP backend has to contain multiple SIDs (the SID history) pointing to the same uid/gid, this can cause a winbindd crash (Bug #997). So, again, any personal experience or document references would be appreciated.

Tons of Thanks,

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