[Samba] How to share WIN partitions from SAMBA (Dual boot) Srvr to WIN clients?

Malcolm Baldridge google at paypc.com
Thu Apr 1 22:28:09 GMT 2004

>  Finally , booting LINUX mounts the NTFS file systems (from fstab file),
> with a warning "W2K+, Read Only". 

Correct.  The ntfs filesystem on linux is still very early, and writing to
an NTFS volume will cause it to be damaged unless what+how you write is
carefully restricted.  For your purposes, it's useless for writing.

> I thought write to NTFS was possible thru SAMBA.

No.  All Samba does is allow remote clients to mount UNIX-accessible volumes
via SMB/CIFS.  These may be Windows, UNIX, or even MacOS (X|Classic) clients.
> Again, I must be missing something. SMB.CONF file appears to be
> correct, defining the shares as writeable, etc....

Samba can't even exceed the capabilities of the native operating system
under which it's running.

With or without samba, you cannot get Linux to (safely) write to NTFS
volumes on its local filesystems.

If what you're trying to do is re-export a mounted share via the samba
server, that will probably work, but you will cause a great deal of
redundant network traffic, and the performance will tank.

(In other words, you mount some remote WinXP share via smbmount, and then
use samba to share that volume...)

Good luck,


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