[Samba] How to share WIN partitions from SAMBA (Dual boot) Srvr to WIN clients?

George Peters wombat53 at optonline.net
Thu Apr 1 22:19:49 GMT 2004

Hi all. I am a pretty new user, but I now have two networked PC's, with
LINUX (current Slackware distro, kernel 2.4.22?) with dual boot with WINXP
(Prof),  and a networked WINXP (Home) client machine.
Here is my problem, stated as succinctly as possible:
"To state it in one sentence, what must one do to enable a WIN(XP) client
box to access WIN(XP) partitions on another  machine that is running UNIX
(Linux) with SAMBA? "
Recall that many folks (well, me anyway), have a machine with two (or more)
OS's, and might want to access the data on BOTH OS's.
Detailed discussion:
Win to Winn we have worked with for years..enable the directory for sharing,
give it a share name, and it can be browsed, and optionally mapped as a
network drive.
1)Now, On UNIX, you can MOUNT another file system, including , say, a WIN
partition (C: and D: in my case) to some mount point(s) on the UNIX file
system, and that box can easily read that local WIN data. Good
2)With SMB (SAMBA), I can  MOUNT the WIN data of that remote client. I use
MOUNT -t SMBFS, or SMBMOUNT command (which invokes the former, under the
hood). So I can access remote WIN data from UNIX. Good.
3) From the client, I can NET USE the UNIX shares defined on the UNIX box,
having defined such shares - using SAMBA - in the SMB.CONF file. So, from
WIN,  I can access remote UNIX partitions/data. Good.
4)And the last step, the problem? How can this client access WIN data on the
LINUX server? Not Linux data (3, above), but the WIN partitions, those that
the LOCAL box may (or may not have) have mounted for local use such as in 1)
above. When I define the path of the WIN share in the SMB.CONF file (the
path being the file system that was MOUNTED in 1) above...such as /dev/hda2,
or /mnt/hd/c...I have used both syntaxes)), I CAN access it on the remote
box, but it is empty!!!!!! the ls command shows 0 files!!!

I am missing something fundamental here...or am trying to do the
I have sweated over this for 3 days now, I have looked at all the HOWTO"S,
etc...I need guidance from more experienced folks.
 Finally , booting LINUX mounts the NTFS file systems (from fstab file),
with a warning "W2K+, Read Only". I thought write to NTFS was possible thru
SAMBA. Again, I must be missing something. SMB.CONF file appears to be
correct, defining the shares as writeable, etc....

What am I missing?
George Peters

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