[Samba] Samba and Win viruses

Adam Buglass adam.buglass at ncl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 1 09:25:03 GMT 2004


This may seem a fairly obvious question but I need to check it out.

It's also fairly urgent so I apologise that I haven't made a good check
of the FAQ's or mailing archives.

We have a Solaris box with Samba installed. We are on a campus network
where boxes that are infected are blocked from the network as a security

We have had our server blocked as it is probing port 25 and the security
office are convinced that we are infected by MyDoom. Obviously, they
think that it is a windows system.

My question: Is it actually possible for a Samba system to be infected
with Win viruses such as MyDoom or Blaster?


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