[Samba] failing to browse unix shares with samba 3.0.2a

Moshe Shaham Moshe at netscreen.com
Thu Apr 1 01:55:31 GMT 2004

This is exactly what I am doing but it is still not working. I have two
1. Is it possible that the problem is caused by the fact that the domain
suffix for the samba server is different from the windows domain?. One is
corp.mydomain.com and one is just mydomain.com.
2. Is it possible that there is a compatibility problem between MIT 1.3.2
and windows 2003 domain?.

Thanks for your kind support,

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On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 05:07:43PM -0800, Moshe Shaham wrote:
> Do I also need to manage a Kerberos database in the Samba server? I didn't
> setup any kdc.conf file and didn't created a Kerberos database. 

No you don't. You get the kerberos tickets from the krb5 database
stored on the AD server. You join the smbd server to the domain
and the equivalent of the keytab is stored in the secrets.tdb,
when the client connects no traffic is needed to the kdc.


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