[Samba] help

Dominic Iadicicco diadicic at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Tue Sep 30 14:05:32 GMT 2003

I have just installed samba 3.0 on RH 9,  when I try to access swat I get an
error "The Connection was refused when attempting to connect to contact  I have set up the swat 901/tcp in /etc/services  and the swat
file in xinetd.d I have also restarted xinetd. I don't know what else to do. 
Here is my swat file in xinetd.d  

service swat.
        socket_type           = stream
        wait                  = no
        protocol              = tcp
        only_from             =
        user                  = root
        log_on_failure        += USERID
        server                = /usr/local/samba/sbin/swat
        port                  = 901
        disable               = no

Thanks all

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