[Samba] SWAT: chdir failed - the server is not configured correctly

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Tue Sep 30 14:07:47 GMT 2003


Hmm, all of a sudden SWAT started to respond. Now when I try to access
http://server:901/, I get:

500 Server Error
chdir failed - the server is not configured correctly

I created a tiny smb.conf in /opt/samba-3.0.0/lib/smb.conf which contains:

root_s07nfs:/opt/samba-3.0.0/samba/bin/ > cat /opt/samba-3.0.0/lib/smb.conf
        workgroup = EUROPE
        netbios name = S07NFS
        server string = Samba 3.0.0 Server  %v on %h
        interfaces = ge0 lo0
        bind interfaces only = Yes

        comment = Share fuer Alexander Skwar
        path = /tmp
        valid users = vz6tml
        write list = vz6tml
        short preserve case = Yes
        browseable = No

I put the configuration file in /opt/samba-3.0.0/lib/smb.conf, because
it seemed to be the most senseful output of "strings
/opt/samba-3.0.0/samba/bin/swat | grep smb.conf".

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot,

Alexander Skwar
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