[Samba] kolab server ldap samba....open source pdc with open exchange server

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Tue Sep 30 23:21:23 GMT 2003

Hi Sambatistas,
after setup samba3 perfect working as pdc with the old smbpasswd backend,
i decide to test kolab server.
it took me a day to setup the server, its a nearly perfect linux exchange solution.
The adminstration of kolab is based on ldap, admined over php frontend, and it works like charme.
next will be check the functions with the bynari conector and outlook, to test calendering etc.
final step should be samba integration with kolab.....
i could integrate the samba schema in kolab, but failed with connection to the kolab ldap server.
but i am new in ldap....so i got problems with samba ldap integration
a ldap based linux-exchange pdc samba server....with bind dhcp http ftp and pptp server at last
all auth to ldap....admined over a new php script would be fantastic and could be the goal.
setup system is suse 8.2 ( i have done the most testings with this distro , not for other reason )
is anyone here which tests samba3 and kolab the same ....is anyone interested in such stuff.
let me know...wouldnt it be great to have a full featured server in one thing ?
perhaps we can make a small distro out this working parts like knoppix, based on debian.
all the needed server stuff is funktional very nice as far as i tested them....but there is no complete connection of this project.
so gurus give me a sign of interest .
any help is welcome special to the ldap integration of samba ( cause this is new stuff for me )
after all....thx to the coders of samba 
Best Regards

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