[Samba] Samba, Redhat 9.0, Not doign ACl.. (cannot load User list at this time)

Damien Roy damien_roy at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 29 13:01:09 GMT 2003

Hey all.. This is my first time writing to this list.. I have been subscribing for a few months now. and have hundreds of bad log of emails to read.. no time.. 
Any how. onto the problem I am having.. Hopefully someone has a solution.

I am the network admin, of a small computer store.. and having trouble.. 
I am trying to setup a PDC running samba, that pretty much just handles the domain share for each machine on the network. as well as shares for drivers and so forth.. very limited shares.. 

The issue I am having is since I decided to switch from running a E-Smith box, to running my own box, with redhat.

Is that everytime I go to one of the machines that is trying to share something, and click add user, it keeps giving me the error message, that it is unable to get the list of users at this time.. This is quite annoying.. Now before you go and tell me what I have found, before about that samba can't do this.. that's incorrect, cause I was able to do the same thing running the e-smith box. it would show me all the users names, and even the domain admin and domain guest accounts.. 

this is something which every where I have searched they have said, this can't happen.. you can't get a list of users using samba as the PDC, you need to be running a 2k or higher PDC.

Although e-smith was doing it wonderful.. Full lists and the network would work great.. 

The Reason I am no longer running E-Smith, is cause of various reasons.. 

I would be very thankful if you would be able to help me out.. 

Thanks for you time

Damien Roy
damien_roy at hotmail.com

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