[Samba] Wierd Roaming Profile Error

Steve steven.fisher at ntlworld.com
Mon Sep 29 12:07:13 GMT 2003

System Spec: -
    OS -     RH9
    SMB -  2.2.7a
Error: -
I have been using my samba PDC for a few months now, without
errors for my winXP machines.
I recently had a visitor with a 2k laptop who needed access to various
server. I created a user account and bound the 2k machine to the samba PDC
(all good so far, didn't do a reghack)
The user logged in and was able to access the relevant servers.

The problem came when the user logged out. Windows came back with an
error: -

"Windows cannot copy file C:\Documents and
Settings\testuser\Templates\sndrec.wav to
location \\server\Profile\testuser\Templates\sndrec.wav Contact your network

This is where it gets weird. Although it gave the error that it couldn't
write the files,
on inspection of the user's Profile directory on the server, the files are

I have searched through 10,046 mails I have archived on my machine, but have
been unable to
find anyone else with a similar error.

Anyone have any clues???

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