[Samba] per user smb.conf

LeVA leva at az.isten.hu
Sun Sep 28 16:34:20 GMT 2003

LeVA wrote:
> Tom Dickson wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> No. Samba will check (and reload if necessary) your smb.conf once a
>> minute, I think.
> Hi!
> Thanks! This is realy works and it's great! But :) do you know a
> solution that is done automagicaly. You know now the root has to add
> this include line for each user. And there are realy a lot of users, and
> and it's a lot work (adding an include line per a user). Is there a way
> to setup this "user maintained" sharing with a single line. I mean for
> example:
> include = /home/$alluser/.smb.conf (or something like that)
> Thanks!
> Daniel

Sorry! I have already found the answer for this question. I have to add 
the above include line with uppercased U. Like /home/%U/.smb.conf, 
instead /home/%u/.smb.conf.

Anyway thanks for helping me to solve this problem!


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