TR : RE : [Samba] winbind and getent - fix ...

gary ng garyng2000 at
Fri Sep 26 23:39:18 GMT 2003

I am wondering if there is some code which prevents
libnss_winbind to query the samba database when it is
running on a PDC(that is what I am doing and
experience the same problem as you) in this way.

I have even temperarily remove ldap(which is needed
for the unix uid/gid mapping for samba authentication)
and try to adduser. Surprisingly, it fails saying user
already exists meaning under this situation,
libnss_winbind is doing its job.

There is some mentioning of local unix user and
winbind on PDC in the release note but I don't know
what it is really about.

However, to echo you, I see the same problem and I
have tried everything (symbolink link, moving the file
from /lib to /usr/lib and back etc.) but a simple
'getent passwd' command just don't give me the samba
users and adding a new user with the same name in the
samba name space does bark. So libnss_winbind is not
completely ignored, just under some situation. I may
need to browse the code to have some clue.
Unfortunately, I found no mentioning of turning on
logs for libnss_winbind to trace.

I have already filed a bug report but haven't receive
any acknowledgement yet.

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Jean-Marc Pouchoulon wrote:
> >But it didn't work.
> >
> >    Was this, to do with winbind and getent passwd?
> Wbinfo -u -g works( list users's domain), getent
passwd don't give me
> back info on user's domain. ( just local users in
/etc/passwd and ldap
> users with posix account set)
> >There is no ldap request except for user with posix
account. ( I can
> see
> >these users using getent )
> >
> >    I don't think there will be any LDAP requested
when doing a getent
> >passwd with winbind, but I could be wrong ..
> 	I use ldapbackend for idmap. Maybe I don't
understand the whole
> process.
> >   I don't think this was meant for me, but I if
it's the problem that
> >I had, on RedHat 9 using the rpm from the
webpage, then do
> ...
> >cd /lib
> >ln -s
> I did without any result
> >    And make sure that you have winbind at the end
of the line passwd,
> >group and hosts in /etc/nsswitch.conf, ie ...
> >    passwd:     files winbind
> >    group:      files winbind
> I've Done it. I'v got
> Passwd: files winbind ldap
> If I delete all except winbind, no users were return
by getent passwd.
> It's certainly not a samba problem, but I don't
understand why there is
> no calls to winbind library.

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