[Samba] 'PointnPrint' Only works for one printer

matt matt at fire-flash.net
Thu Sep 25 11:01:29 GMT 2003

Hi - I've read carefully Kurt Pfeifle's document on Printing Support in
Samba 3.0. (Otherwise known as samba-cups HOWTO??). I had a go at adding
driver download/cups postscript driver support. After making the necessary
alterations to smb.conf, downloading the drivers and running cupsaddsmb,
both my printers showed up on the server from a winxp home machine. The
first, canon, connects and sets itself up fine. The other one (then called
usblp0) went through all the motions, but when you try to view properties,
it says "The usblp0 driver for this printer is not installed - some
properties may not be available unless you install the driver? Install
driver now?" It then brings up the usual add printer driver box. If I add a
driver, it again goes through the motions, but still it doesn't print.
Asking for properties gives the same message about no driver - so you are
stuck in a loop.

The pointnprint system does support more than one printer doesn't it? There
were no error messages in the verbose output of cupsaddsmb and both printers
were added successfully. I don't know where I'm going wrong...

My samba version is 2.2.7a and cups is 1.1.17


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