[Samba] rsync problems with RH 9.0 via ssh

Ron Liu rliu at email.sjsu.edu
Wed Sep 24 18:22:12 GMT 2003

Hi, there
I have a samba server called "serv01" setup on RH 9.0 as pdc for my domain
authentication and file server. It works great. I have another server called
"serv02" with RH 9.0. What I am trying to do is

Keep serv02 sync to serv01 using rsync for the /etc/samba/ directly and
/home/ directly. So that if serv01 failed. I should be able to change the ip
address and host name of serv02 to be same as serv01 and the domain users
should still be authenticated and accessing their home directly and shares
just as if serv01.

Please let me if you think it is possible.

I've generated a dsa key pair on serv02 and copied the id_dsa.pub to the
serv01:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys. So that I can ssh to serv01 from serv02
without password. and I can also do scp from serv02# scp serv01:/etc/samba/

However when I using following command from serv02 I got this:

[root at serv02 samba]# rsync -av serv01:/etc/samba/ /etc/samba/
serv01: Connection refused
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes read so far)
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(150)
[root at serv02 samba]#

btw, I also tried using without public key. got same results

Your help will be highly appreciated

Ron Liu
Information Technology Consultant
Biology Department
San Jose State University
rliu at email.sjsu.edu

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